Conde Trail

The Instituto Litoral Verde maintains the only area of RPPN - Private Natural Heritage Reserve in the city of Guarujá, located in the Serra do Guararu in a region called Rabo do Dragão (Dragon Tail) on the east side of the island.
A fully preserved area, well-structured for visitors to enjoy this beautiful reserve providing an intimate encounter with its fauna and flora.
The nature trails were created in three scales, light, medium and heavy, but with all the infrastructure and security.
The local monitor will follow the chosen path through the woods, where we will have the chance to watch birds, beautiful bromeliads, heliconias, and waterfalls.
A fantastic experience and a great exercise waits on this adventure and if you want a little more adventure the place has a 100 meter

s long zip line, rock climbing and escalade.

Cost: Please consult the travel agency

Trail in maintenance