Ermida do Guaibê e Praia Branca Trail

This beautiful experience includes the Praia Branca Trail and the Trail of the Ruins.

Praia Branca Trail
It begins in the Praia Branca portal, next to the Guaruja-Bertioga ferry at the end of Guaruja-Bertioga Highway. This is also called the high trail, lasting about 30 minutes on an easy path and stone paving, providing users easy access and a spectacular interaction with the Atlantic Forest. Along the way, thousands of species of plants, animals may be observed, and at its highest point, the beautiful view of the island next to the beach.

Trail of the Ruins
Just as the Praia Branca Trail, it starts at the Praia Branca portal. It is also known as the low track, lasting about 40 minutes of moderate level of difficulty. Along the path, you can see the ruins of da Armação das Baleias, located outside the Bertioga channel, an important economic milestone in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, where oil was extracted from whales for street lighting and construction. In addition, you can visit the ruins of the Chapel of Sto. Antônio do Guaibê, a chapel from the sixteenth century built from stone and whale oil and where the Priest José de Anchieta took the word of God to those in need.

Cost R$ 155,00


Minimum of 10 passengers, 3hs of duration