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Even though we are told that the area around the hotel is relatively safe, please be very wary of your surroundings. Brazil in general has a higher crime rate than the US, so we should use our best judgement while walking around. Try not to walk flashing your computer, camera, or cell phone. Keep your passport and main documents away. Whenever possible, walk in groups, preferably by the beach, but be aware of people nearby you, particularly on bikes. If you feel uncomfortable in an area, go back, contact one of us, or the police. If your hotel if farther away, consider getting a cab in the evenings. Following these guidelines should be enough to help you stay clear of problems.

Electrical Plugs in Brazil

Keep in mind that Brazil uses a different electric plug, so bring an adaptor, or be ready to purchase one. Furthermore, Guarujá uses 220V electricity. Several hotels have some outlets with 127V and international plugs that you could use, but not all of them.  


A revised version of the program is now available here . Please note that some lectures have been rearranged in some sessions and symposia to make them more streamlined, mostly because the Ernst Mayr awards talks have been selected and moved to their symposium. Note that the session chairs are highlighted in bold. This program will be available online soon on a searchable platform and a new version with all the co-authors will come later as well.


Info on the airport shuttle

Several people have been contacted by the travel agency in charge of the airport shuttle. If you still have not, please contact Receptivo Brasil ([email protected]) and schedule directly with them. If the schedule you were provided does not seem reasonable, contact them and us, because we can talk to them. Please bear in mind that people on international flights need to be at the airport three hours before departure and that depending on the time of day some extra time need to be considered because of potential traffic jam getting to the airport. We will look into all schedule to see if we see anything we can do to improve it, but DO NOT BOOK INDIVIDUAL PICKUPS, OR DROP OFFS at different prices than already arranged. We should mention that this is a special line that will be set up from the airports, so you won't actually need a voucher to get in it, but your name will have to be on the list that will be emailed to you.

A message to americans concerned about a Brazilian visa

If you are still waiting for a Brazilian visa, or if you were told that you may not get your visa in time, we have just contacted the Immigration Dept. from  the Brazilian Ministry of Foreing Affairs and they told us that they may issue a speedy visa request that can be submitted to  the consulate closest to you. If you are in this situation, please contact us right away and provide us with your name, home address, professional address, passport number, expiration date and name on said passport and closest Brazilian Consulate. We already submitted a request to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but we may submit that request for you. We should mention that we were informed that the speeedy request they will issue does not guarantee that you will get your visa in time, because this will still depend on the restrictions of the Consulate you are closest to, but from what we heard they tend to facilitate these requests, so we are very optimist that this would work.