Meeting location


Casa Grande Hotel

Av. Miguel Stefano
1.001 Praia da Enseada
Guaruja, São Paulo 11440-530



Guarujá is a small city in the Coast of São Paulo with 350.000 residents although this number increases substantially during weekends and school holidays when families from São Paulo generally visit the local beaches. The town is located 55 Miles from the Guarulhos International Airport (the main Brazilian hub), and can be reached in less than one hour by car by two different highways. The local economy is essentially based on tourism and the local population is very friendly and receptive to visitors. 
The meeting will take place at the Casa Grande Hotel Resort in Guarujá. This resort offers technical structure and complete support within a 6,400 m2 area. There are 11 adaptable rooms ranging from 110 to 340 m2, a Convention Center with 1,000 m2 of modular auditorium and a large, 2,828 m2 Exhibit Center that can be separated into rooms for presentations, posters and vendors. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and will be serviced by a secured wireless internet connection.


The wonderful drawing of the Evolution 2015 logo was made by Prof. Francisca Carolina do Val, from MZUSP, who generously donated her precious time a art.