Sambaquis (Middens or shell heaps)

The tour starts in the northeast side of the island in the Bertioga Channel, where we will get on a schooner, follow the inland mangrove towards the oldest Sambaqui (Midden) in the country.
"A real treasure in the history of human evolution was discovered in Guaruja, in the vicinity of Crumaú River – a mangrove area located between the Serra do Guararu and the Bertioga Channel. It is the largest archaeological site of the indigenous peoples who inhabited the coast of the Americas in the Archaic period (pre-ceramic), between 8000 and 500 BC.
A huge prehistoric cemetery was formed over thousands of years, a mountain of limestone and organic matter (31 meters high and about 100 wide), a result of sedimentation of shells, human bones, fish fragments and mammals that compacted there with time.
Though they are not very common, these formations are known to archaeologists and have been identified in increasing numbers in the last 30 years, mainly in the coastal areas of the state of São Paulo. Middens are called sambaquis (a word derived from the Tupi language, which means lots of shells), same name of the people who inhabited this area in the Americas during this period.

Cost: R$ 145,00

Minimum of 30 passengers