Scientific cooperation

Brazil has established several programs to foster international collaboration. We indicate some here, though there are others available.

Science without Borders - The main goal of the program is to promote the consolidation and expansion of science, technology and innovation in Brazil by means of international exchange and mobility.
FAPESP – This is the State of Sao Paulo Grant Agency. FAPESP has a large number of agreements with foreign funding agencies, research performing organizations and companies to co-select and co-fund cooperative research and manages over US$ 500 mi in grants yearly.
FAPESP International Partnership and Agreements
CAPES – A federal agency that oversees the graduate programs nationwide. CAPES has several programs that were established bilaterally between Brazil and the several countries. Funding is aimed at exchange between scientists, scholarships for students and grant money for the research project. 
In order to facilitate the interaction among researchers of all nationalities, we will set up a Facebook and a LinkedIn page, which will be monitored by the Scientific Committee.